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The Biggest Library Yet 15

  • Editorial
  • Touch Sensitive review
  • TBLY interviews Mark E Smith
  • TBLY post
  • The Fall - a woman's perspective
  • Percy (Ark support band)
  • Post Nearly Man review by Pete Conkerton
  • Hit the North at M6/ Old Fall drummer in Foreign Bodies/ New Fall drummer in TV hoax
  • Michael Bracewell and Jon Wilde deconstruct MES in Frieze magazine
  • Review of Astoria gig, December 1998
  • John Robb (Gold Blade) interview
  • UK radio sessions and live broadcasts, part two
  • Assault on Garry Bushell
  • New Retriever releases
  • 'Falling through time' - Part 2 of Grant Showbiz's radio documentary
  • Win Filthy 3 promo video (featuring appearance by MES)
  • Ted Rogers' brains
  • Vintage 88 - review of assorted recordings
  • More Fall CDs? Yes O Yes
  • Fall colours - paintboxes out plagiarists
  • Papal visit doc. - Albino Luciani; Quote Unquote
  • Ludd Gang - Fall 'tribute' group
  • Virtual rock paradise
  • Fall bootlegs - part 2
  • Dragnet review from Melody Maker, October 1979
  • Sleep Debt Snatches - an insomniac editor writes...
  • Pat Nevin discusses The Fall
  • Ashton postscript
  • Achtung! completists (What's That Noise magazine)
  • Three points in time - ATV
  • TBLY interviews Mark Perry
  • Oxford Polytechnic, March 1988
  • Sketty update

    Published: April 1999, 64pp, A5 SOLD OUT

    See also:
    Issue 15.1
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Radio Sessions

Part two of The Fall's UK radio sessions and live broadcasts.

Derby Tiffany's (radio station)
Broadcast 15 July 83
Neighbourhood of Infinity
Hard Life in the Country
Ludd Gang
I'm Into CB

David 'Kid' Jensen show
Recorded 19 Feb 84
Broadcast 1 Mar 84
God Box
Lay of the Land
O! Brother

Janice Long show
Recorded 9 Sept 84
Broadcast 17 Sept 84
No Bulbs
Draygo's Guilt
Stephen Song
Slang King

Saturday Live
Broadcast 29 Sept 84
Copped it
Fortress/ Marquis Cha Cha

Janice Long show
Recorded 13 May 87
Broadcast 19 May 87
There's a Ghost in my House
Get a Hotel
Haf Found Bormann

Piccadilly Radio
Broadcast 25 Feb 88
In These Times
Carry Bag Man
Cab it up
Oswald Defence Lawyer

Mark Goodier Show
Recorded ?
Broadcast 17 May 93
A Past Gone Mad
15 Ways

Clitheroe Castle (Radio Lancs)
Recorded 16 June 85
2 x 4, Couldn't Get Ahead, Petty Thief Lout, No Bulbs, Gut of the Quantifier, Spoilt Victorian Child, Barmy, Stephen Song, Lay of the Land

BBC Radio One live gigs -

Nottingham Rock City
Recorded 19 May 87
Broadcast 25 May 87
Australians in Europe. Shoulder Pads, There's a Ghost in my House, Hey Luciani, Terry Waite Sez, Fiery Jack, Lucifer Over Lancashire.
Released in 1993 as 'BBC Radio One Live in Concert.'

London Subterania (John Peel's 50th birthday gig)
Broadcast 29 Aug 89
Mere Pseud Mag. Ed., I'm Frank, Arms Control Poseur, Fiery Jack, Race with the Devil, Carry Bag Man, Mr Pharmacist

Norwich Waterfront
Broadcast 21 Apr 92
And Therein, Blood Outta Stone, Time Enough at Last, Free Range, Idiot Joy Showland, Gentleman's Agreement, Edinburgh Man

Sheffield Hallam University (Sound Cities)
Broadcast 7 Apr 93
Why are People Grudgeful?, Ladybird (Green Grass), Glam-Racket, Free Range, I'm Going to Spain, League of Bald-Headed Men, Lost in Music

Manchester Roadhouse (Peel Show)
Broadcast 8 Dec 93
M5, Behind the Counter, Ladybird (Green Grass), League of Bald-Headed Men, War, A Past Gone Mad, I'm Frank, Glam-Racket, Wrong Place Right Time, The Mixer, Lost in Music, Cab Driver, Paranoia Man in Cheap Sh*t Room, Free Range

Phoenix Festival 95
Broadcast 14 July 95
Pearl City, Behind the Counter, Free Range, Don't Call me Darling, The Chiselers, Feeling Numb, Idiot Joy Showland, Edinburgh Man, Glam-Racket

Phoenix Festival 96
Broadcast 21 July 96
He Pep!, US 80s 90s, The Chiselers, 15 Ways, Pearl City, Powder Keg, Behind the Counter

MES 'Quote Unquote'

More of in 85?
24-hour TV, less toadies, pirate radio, original ideas, friendly landlords.

Less of in 85?
Top 20 groups with the aura of AIDS. Also less careerists and more genuine purists.

Best thing that could happen to you?
Win a million pounds out of nowhere, be allowed to continue, write clearly and still the best.

Most influential artist?
The one who had the biggest success in Autumn 84.

All 'ANTI' lunatics, ie Townshend, Stoppard, CND, and all that encroach on personal choice.

British material, re-birth of 'English' reggae, quality of music, quality of life, reduced ambition; to expose rock TV as HOAX and alter mind-state of music appreciation. All the best.

Vulturous in the aftermath