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The Biggest Library Yet: The Fall information service


"As of April 24th, I Rob Waite am no longer involved with the Fall fanzine, info-service or tours, and have severed any official links with the band. This is not due to any falling out with anyone within the band, but because of intolerable interference by an undesirable third party. I am no longer prepared to take any crap from this individual, nor will I allow my family to be subjected to idiotic tantrums from this imbecile on the phone any longer.

All info-service funds, t-shirts and subscription details have been passed on to Mark E Smith - doubtless you will be contacted in due course once my replacement is installed. I cannot speculate on what shape or form the info-service will take or whether TBLY will continue as a fanzine, that is at the discretion of my successor.

Any tape orders received prior to 24 April 2000 will be processed, but I'm afraid that any received after that date cannot be honoured and cheques will be returned to the sender in all instances.

I'd like to acknowledge everybody who has ever helped out with the info-service & TBLY in any way whatsoever. It would have been impossible to fit everything around my hectic work schedule without so much assistance, so thanks!

My liaison with The Fall gruppe has, for the most part, been an enjoyable one and this parting is on amicable terms, but I fear the influence the interfering third party is having would in time sour all the goodwill, so it's time to get out before the fun and inclination run dry, and start to cause resentment. There is a presence following this tight-knit unit around like a black cloud and I'm no longer prepared to tolerate its presence. I only hope nobody else involved with the band has to suffer this fool the way we have.


Rob Waite "