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The Biggest Library Yet - sound files

These sound files from recent CDs [recent if you're still living in 1998 - Ed.] were created purely for your amusement. All copyright remains with The Fall. These Wav files were recorded at 11.025 KhZ, and sound reasonably good on my machine, so I'm sorry if they sound like shit on yours.

Complete and utter pranny from Quartet of Doc Shanley, 68k
Mummy intro from I'm a Mummy, 66k
Watch what happens from I'm a Mummy, 48k
If only the shards from Ten Houses of Eve, 105k
Force ten from 4 1/2 Inch, 165k
The grim visage from Masquerade, 49k

Why don't you... from Glam Racket, 69k
Chiseler! from Interlude/Chilinism, 63k
Hup! from Pearl City, 8k
Check this out from Oxymoron, 14k
Intro to Hostile, 52k

Cheetham Hill:
Intro to Free Range, 128k
Hit the North from Hit the North!, 17k
Hahahuh from Secession Man, 11k
MES' rap kinda style from the song they are titling Spine Track, 108k
Sundry goods from US 80s/90s, 37k

In the City:
Good evening from The Aphid, 59k
Cerebral caustic from Feeling Numb, 50k
Life just bounces from etc, 73k